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Brad Carter - Creative Director Sound & Vision

Brad Carter Creative Director Film, Motion & Sound
Brad Carter has helped artists and record companies sell millions of albums. He produced and worked with everyone from the Spice Girls to Mick Jagger, writes great music for film, TV and commercials and more recently his face was seen on Never Mind the Buzzcocks in a clip from Top of the Pops. His music is still played in clubs around the world and has been sampled and remixed countless times.

Not content with being a great musician, songwriter, DJ and producer he is also WWJ's in house film director.

Waldon White Jones music composition and production is based in Basildon Essex.

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WWJ compose music for film, radio and TV. We also have music in our library that you can licence for a one off project or to purchase outright under an exclusive licence. Jazz, funk, rock or pop, WWJ can create the right soundtrack to your next corporate movie, commercial or event.